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Magic Leverag No Heat Hair Curler


Easy, quick and soft to create good curls

Perfect for creating a gorgeous curl on any hair length

Two sizes to choose from according to your hair length

No harm to hair, easy to use


Weight: 146g

Product Description

Operation Steps

1. Dampen the hair.

2. Part the hair according to the style that you want.
1- Wet the hair
3- Cover the given clip with the leaverag roller.
4- with given hook at one side of the clip, hold as many hair as possible and drag them inside the leaverag roller by pulling out the clip from the opposite end.
5- the leaverag roller will then curl itself. Let it dry
6- Remove the curlers when dry.
7- can spray to set or comb them with fingers for a tousled look

Note: Cool Air perm time: Healthy hair 15-25 mins, Demaged hair: 8-15 mins.

Hot Air perm time: Healthy hair 8-15 mins, Demaged hair: 5-10 mins.

Package Contents

2 * Stick

14 mix sized curlers


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