Blackhead Removing Charcoal Strip


Clean and invigorate your pores with these deep cleansing pore strips.

Pack contains 3 x strips.

Product Description

For all skin types
Natural skin friendly ingredients
With the help of natural purifying charcoal, each of the six nose strips will pull out even more dirt that can cause blackheads, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean


Wash the affected area with warm water to soften the skin or massage with a cleanser or scrub to remove dead skin.

Now wet the affected area with water. Place the shiny side of strip on the skin and wet the fabric side with water. Let it dry completely. It should get really hard like a paper. Then remove from one side first and then from the other side. You should be able to see the black heads and the gunk that came off with it.

Remember to wash face with cold water, rub an ice cube and apply a toner to close the cleaned pores completey. Thid will prevent blackheads from forming.

You will need atleast 4-6 strips and use them every week to get rid of black heads completely.


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