Nail Art Stamping Machine


Original GCOCL Nail Art stamping machine is for those who want a quick nail art with perfection and without any hassle. This machine contains inbuilt stamper and scraper. It comes with 6 image plates each having 9 designs and 6 colored polishes and 1 clear top coat to seal the design.

Product Description


Place the stanper and scraper in their slots and press firmly to ensure that they are now ready to work. place a design image plate on the given slot and apply color to the design, Move the machine forward and press stamper on it. Then bring back to the nail and press it again. The image will be transfered to the nail.


  • Stamping works on painted nails only and not on bare nails. Make sure the polish is not wet.
  • You have to be quick with all the procedure or the stamping polish will dry during the process and the image will not transfer on your nail.

Watch this video and learn stamping. Open the link below


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